Be carefull with payments in advance

Be carefull with payments in advance

At we tend to stay aware of trends. One of these is payment scams. A payment scam usually requires a small deposit upfront by some vague payment provider such as Transcash, Paysafe or another internet coupon code that you have to pay somewhere to give to the advertiser. The problem is: it is not a payment in advance and it usually ends up in the hands of online scammers or criminals. Now that the normal business is coming to an end in terms of scams the sex business seems to be targetted now. Unaware people who buy such a code or giftcard and make a payment expecting to meet the advertiser or girl.

The problem is you'll never see the girl. And you lost the money. Because it's such a low quantity, like € 50 to € 100 the chances are zero that police is ever going to help you. We do screen our advertisers and we want a safe business. Charging in advance could be required if there is a distance in between you and the escort girl. But when they do send you a payment request it's usually by a trusted provider like iDEAL or a bank account with a name, that is resident in Holland, and not a country like France or Afrika for example. If there is anything up you have something to rely on when you would file for official police complaint.

Also, advertisers often get targetted by fake login pages as a measure for security to update their account. The problem is it's not a official message and neither would we ever ask our own advertisers to "update their information" other then email, sometimes even advertisers fall for this trap. The link they recieve with request of updating their info looks 1:1 like any other site, users login and get a redirect without anything happening. The truth here is is that criminals now have access to the advertisers account, 99% will change the phonenumber and start asking for payments in advance. This is a commonly growing scam now appearing on the internet.

The original advertiser is'nt aware, and by the time the trick is being discovered it's proberly too late already. The criminal in this case managed to send out payment links and usually due to the advertisers or girls popularity, clients fall for it without even thinking twice. So if your dealing with an agency, 99.9% it's sure the payment request is legitimate, if your dealing with a foreign number other then landline or Dutch mobile phone, chances are 99% it could be a scam. If you find such advertisements please report to us. We can help our users and advertisers making a cleaner business and / or internet.

What can you do? - In order to protect yourself more, if your interested at a meeting a video call could be possible. It will prove the authenticity of the advertiser. If a booking cant be made without a payment in advance, and esp. in Transcash, Western Union, Paysafe or Giftcards, it's 99% a scam. Meeting is still an occasion based on trust so make sure you got the right advertiser or service. An agency might be your best bet if your seeking legitimate girls with a good or outstanding service. At the end of the day Agency's still provide exactly what you need from massage to intimacy. Good luck!

Article live since: 05-02-2022

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