Recognize and prevent scams

Recognize and prevent scams

There are alot of legitimate escort agency's in The Netherlands that do provide a good service with great value for your money. However as in any country in the World you should be aware as a tourist for typical scams that might occur. Please note that scams that happen are usually caused by not paying attention or doing things in impulsive way or just not paying attention to what's happening. With this guide we hope to help you a bit more and be alert on typical escort girl scams that might occur.

Booking Escort Girls is Legal - In holland we are liberal and we offer a legitimate system in order for real agency's or sex establishments to provide service to you as a customer. When you agree to a service or price point you can expect to get the service as agreed. Most agency's for example will advertise a real offerings of their girls, but it depends on what time or date you book and if the desired girl would be available. Legitimate agency's are submitted to advertise their website with a license.

Having a license is key since the agency is legitimate and legal to provide you service in a professional way. In the case of an event or a issue you can always call the agency and seek for a sollution. There's also the other spectrum of advertisers or agency's on the internet that do not have any of these, and offer a selection of girls that are simply too good to be true. The catch is they promis usually everything and in 9 out of 10 cases you'll meet a completely different girl at the door with obligation to pay.

Your rights Well, it's not so easy. As a customer you have rights as well, and if both came to an agreement that super model audrey was agreed to being send, then you should expect nobody else then the escort girl you agreed to. Your not obligated to pay any due however it would be nice to at least pay a small driver fee which should be no more then € 30 up to € 50. If on the phone pressure is being put to call the police, stand your ground and simply do not agree with such practices.

We hate to say it but this is the only way to make wrongfull agency's learn and be honest in the offering and selectionf of their girls. Most of the time a different looking girl send is accepted by 6 out of 10 clients. But you might be more picky and for example and have a habbit for blonde escort girls. We fully understand that meeting a girl with brunette or red hair is something opposite of what you expected. Always be clear and honest in what you want and what to expect. Make sure to agree to this.

The Typical I forgot my condom scam - With most girls you woud'nt be in these situation at all if they are booked at a legitimate and correct agency, but a typical scam is the I've forgot my condom trick after you've paid the amount due. What happens here after accepting the money is that a excuse is brought up such as forgot condom, or "I need to give the money to my driver" etc basicly anything for her to right after payment to leave your room with an excuse. This is a scam that happens.

Do not fall for it. A girl working at a agency is already prepared for a date and already is supplied with condoms and always wears her handy that allows her to communicate with the agency or driver. The harsh reality is that once a girl manages to leave the room she often gets in the car and takes off. The agency will declare that you where drunk or something else happend, and you'll be left amazed on what just happend to you. The "fake agency" will simply deny your claim and your scammed.

Girls Charge for Extra's - No, this is'nt a scam, but the usual fee your paying such as € 150 an hour only includes standard service such as oral sex, intimacy in different positions and one to two orgasms. This is common and girls have the right to be boss of their own body. Escorts do offer extra's such as anal, fetish or allow to have longer bookings or multiple orgasms. All is obviously into negotiation and the agency cant make any deals. This is due to their license.

If a rogue agency or girl would promis you a all-in experience such as anal including a full hour sex for just € 150, chances are 99.9% that it will be a simple suprise upon arrival. They only care about sending the girl and initiate a booking. The rest they don't care about or are simply the best con-artists over the phone showing the most compassion but litterally give zero understanding. None of them will give a refund, even if they would say they bring you a escort girl for free the next time.

And what more? - Dont engage in payment in advance. It sounds normal but there is a chance that you wont get anything delivered at all as the risk is too great. They could come up with an excuse that they where at your place but you did'nt open up while you waited the whole night for nothiing. It is important that tourists but also locals simply stick to licenced and established agency's. Some could be legal and still advertise fake pictures or look a likes. This is also a active practice.

But that does'nt mean the establishment is bad; no, it's usually a business decision not to take professional photo's. The truth is most girls come and go and usually € 150 is paid for a professional photoshoot. Many girls often quit already within a week or demand to be removed from the website because they feel they are being recognized. This is obviously a loss for the escort agency or sexclub and this is often why this appears. We will work on a feature on our website with real or fake picture notice soon.

Any Further Advise? - Always use your common sense, and try to not to get too drunk in relation of alcohol or other goods. If you stay in a hotel and you do have lots of cash or other goods of values on you, and you are drinking, we'd suggest to use the locker inside your hotelroom just to be sure. Scams with tourists happens unfortunately and the best way to prevent is is to initially don't give any open doors for it. We endorse the act of safe sex. Girls get tested and the condoms used are often of high quality.

Understand that escorts are not to be threated with little to no respect. They have the right to cancel an ongoing date if the situation escalates extremely bad. A no refund policy is usually in place. In order to get a good experience we recommend you to be respectfull and follow any instructions you might be given. Enjoy your time in The Netherlands and make sure to get a good date with one of our many escorts listed on our advertisements. is the premier Escort Directory in The Netherlands.

Article live since: 02-07-2021

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