Getting the most out of escort bookings

Getting the most out of escort bookings

It's always exciting and thrilling to book an escort, esp if your new to the business. In Holland there are hundreds of various escort girls to choose from that either work independent or for known and populair agency's. In order to have a good experience it's always good to read handy and good advice to get the best out of a hookup in The netherlands. This is a personal guide and comes straight from for our users. Please share our article if you like it and let us know!

Selecting an escort - there are a ton of websites out there that advertise all sorts of girls. What matters is is what you feel comfertable with and what does sound like music to your ears. Booking escorts is'nt a difficult proces, but you have to know what to look for and make preparations to get the most out of it. Most girls that advertise themself or are being advertised, usually do some effort in showing who she is, the services she provides and the avg pricing will be. The best about escort is that they come to your place and there's no limit to where really.

Hotels, airbnb or even people's their home adress; these are the most common places in where these girls can meet you and provide companionship, sexual services or just spending an evening or complete night together with you. Because of being an escort, they usually will arrive with either their personal driver or alone. This varies in between 25 up to 45 minutes on average depending on distance. Most girls will tell you if available or sometimes it's better to place your reservation intime.

Personal Hygiene - it is important to know that girls prefer clean men or couples. There is nothing more annoying then to have hidden smells or other unclean parts of the body. It is advised to clean up before having a booking or date or what some prefer shower together. In hotels this is'nt usually a issue due to the various accomodations and showers including towers they allow. Escort in hotels is usually allowed due to the guest policy. Many girls don't charge extra for delivery in hotels in Holland.

In most cases the reception is'nt even noticed, some agency's as listed in our Escort section do work with known hotels and usually carry various keycards to pass through the hotel without even informing the staff. This extra layer of privacy assures that you can enjoy erotic massage, intimacy or private long sex of choice. Even couples currently resident for business or pleasure in Holland can book girls that are fully bisexual and belong usually to the best girls you can find.

Payment & more - it is common to pay any due before the start of the actual service. This means that a transaction can occur upon arrival and has to happen within 5 minutes. Over the phone a price could be negotiated and perhaps some extra's if desired. Most girls charge their own rates for any extra's so this is really a personal decision. Payment can usually be done in cash, and with some escort service's even with Credit card or foreign currency's such as pounds, american dollars and credit card(s).

If you book for multiple hours a discount could be applied. The longer you book the better the value for you will be. Most agency's start from 3 hours or above so make sure to check out the selection of escort girls on our website. Once the financial transaction is done any of the service can start. This is usually taking it slow followed with a massage and anything that happens we leave up to the imagination of the two. In most cases sex is always performed safely. Girls are often tested to assure health.

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