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Advertising Rules

Our guidelines & recommendations - Please read our advertising rules thoroughly. We would like to keep all our advertisers happy and keep this website clean. With our advertisement rules it's important to know that these are to be taken seriously. Not following our advertisement guidelines or instructions could lead to removal and in the worst case banning of a advertiser which we would like to avoid. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours.

Keep advertisements "clean" - A proper advertisement is well written with sufficient information for the visitor to understand what your offering is all about. With keeping it clean we mean no nude pictures such as genetile parts or anything. Advertisements should be compelling, stimulate a booking and not reveal everything at once. Also the use of vulgar texts is not allowed. We want to offer quality with high quality clients, this does not mix when an advertisement is screaming bad words.

The Use of Photo's - Photo's are extremely important into actual selling. However there are alot of advertisers that are using fake photo's due to the lack of voluntary photoshooting of their girls. We cant tolerate the use of fake or stolen images really. This has the reason that our platform could be held accountable for hosting images without the author, model or photograper's permission and we would like to avoid this in the first place. Today's tech allows us all to make proper photo's with the use of a phone.

Advertising Misleading Service's - It is extremely important to advertise with Quality and not Quantity on our website. Overall this provides a better experience for everybody and people will know what you are about. It is a trend to advertise for alot with all sorts of services while half of it cannot be delivered or is'nt provided at all. Think of services without a condom while the reality it is'nt possible. We would like to prevent these situations and monitor closely with help of reviews from various sources.

Spamming, Crossposting, Backlinks etc - Upon free registration we offer our advertisers 5 free credits to launch exactly one advertisement. When clients need more or they prefer to be highlighted for more exposure on our website there's additional tools for this with the option to pay for extra credits. However we cant tolerate the spamming of advertisements (like various the same styles over and over again) or just with the intention to score a backlink. Listings outside of Holland cant be published on our website.

Write a Good Advertisement - To be succesfull in listing(s) and even organic search results we recommend you to write a clear advertisement about your service followed with good high quality photo's. Once you've done this and the advertisement is live, we recommend you as well to not change the title of the advertisement at this point anymore for best succes and indexing in populair search engines. You can refresh, highlight or automaticly update your advertisement when you want.

Advertising with Intention of Scams - We would like to adress that there no room for anyone with intention for scams by using our website. If we note this we will help any authority with all the possible details we have and ban you for future reference on our network. Scams are weak on it's own already and we don't want to host a platform for solely this reason. If your intention is to scam clients or advertisers, there is no place for you on our website. We would like you to leave. We do ban upon signifant complaints.

Last but not Least - any form of illegal practice is not allowed. Wether this is unlicenced, human traffiking, exploiting etc etc. We work with police to protect vulnerable females and / or people. We hope that everyone gets what they are looking for by using our platform. Thank you for taking the time and know that everything that happens should be only within the (dutch) law. If you believe someone is a victem of human traffiking please contact your local authorities.

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